Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, cosy mysteries


Two-Natured London Series

Paranormal romances with difference. Set in London where wolf-shifters, vampire warriors and other two-natured roam, fighting their mortal enemies—and finding eternal love. The series currently has six unique books and two bundle editions. And check out the glossary of everything two-natured.

The Wolf's callWarrior's hearteternitywarriormagicchristmas

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P.I. Tracy Hayes Series

Tracy Hayes is a Brooklyn waitress extraordinaire, who after losing yet another job, becomes an apprentice to a P.I. What could possibly go wrong, right? Tracy’s antics and a supporting cast of characters make these books fast-paced and funny.


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tracy1 paperbackTracy 2 paperbackTracy3 paperbackTracy4 paperback


Harper George Series

Harper George books are contemporary crime/suspense set in London. Harper is a crisis negotiator working for the Metropolitan Police Service. The first book throws her in the middle of an international human trafficking organisation.

The Croaking Raven


Contemporary Romances

This is a collection of stand-alone contemporary romances with billionaires and strong women who love them, set in London and New York.

At her Boss's CommandTo Catch a Billionaire DragonIt Happened on a LieWich Way to Love