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Susanna ShoreI’m Susanna Shore, author of the Two-Natured London paranormal romance series and P.I. Tracy Hayes detective series. I also write stand-alone contemporary romances. You can find all my books on Amazon, B&N and iTunes. You can download The Wolf’s Call, Two-Natured London 1 for free, and if you join my newsletter, you’ll get a special Two-Natured London short story too. You can most often find me on Twitter. Join me there for news, chats, and cute pictures of cats. Links to my other social media sites are here. I’d love to hear from you.



Saved by the Spell


Out now:

Saved by the Spell Hexing the Ex



P.I. on the Scent  Wolf Moon  Valentine of a P.I.


Works in Progress

Tracy 9, publishing (50 000 words)


House of Magic 3, first draft (50 000 words)


Two-Natured London, first draft (35 000 words)




October 5

The first two chapters of Tracy Hayes, Unstoppable P.I. are up. You can read them here.

August 15

Saved by the Spell is here! There are many nice reviews already on Goodreads. Check them out.

August 1

The next Tracy Hayes book has a title, cover and publishing date! It’s called Tracy Hayes, Unstoppable P.I., and it’ll come out on November 14. You can read more here.

July 20

Book reviewers: Saved by the Spell is available for download on NetGalley. Please, leave a review, thank you.

June 28

Sample chapters of Saved by the Spell are now up. You can read them here. The book comes out on August 15.

June 6

Hexing the Ex is out! You can find the link to your copy here. It’s also available on paperback.

May 25

NetGalley members: Hexing the Ex is available for reviewers there. You can download it here. And please, publish the review everywhere, thank you.

April 29

The second book in House of Magic series is called Saved by the Spell, and you can read the description here. It will be published in August. Preorder links will come up later.

April 4

P.I. on the Scent is out! Find yours here. Thank you all who preordered the book. It made a great difference.

March 18

Drop by my blog for a preview snippet of Tracy Hayes, P.I. on the Scent.

March 13

Introducing a new series! House of Magic is a blend of P.I. Tracy Hayes series and Two-Natured London, with magic and mystery in modern London. The first book is called Hexing the Ex and it comes out on June 6th. You can read more here.

March 7

Smashwords has a week-long sale until March 13th, and almost all my books are half-off there. You can find them here.

February 28

Wolf Moon is out! Find your copy here. Thank you for all who preordered. If you have a chance, please leave a review. It makes a great difference.

February 5

All three Two-Natured London bundles are on sale until February 28th. Only $0.99 and only on Amazon—and free on Prime!
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January 5

The next Tracy Hayes book has a name and a cover! It’s called Tracy Hayes, P.I. on the Scent and it’ll be published on April 4th. Read the description and check out the cover here. Preorder links will be updated once they’re available.

January 4, 2021

Happy New Year! This will be an exciting publishing year for me, if all goes as planned. First book of the year, Wolf Moon, comes out in February 28. P.I. Tracy Hayes 8 comes out in April, and a brand new series starts with Hexing the Ex in June. Stay tuned for those. And there will be other books as well. I hope you’ll stay with me for the journey.


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