Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
Vacationing P.I.


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Tracy Hayes, Vacationing P.I.

Vacation. It’s a murder.

Some questions take you by surprise. Like, what are you going to do on your summer vacation.

Tracy is about to have the first summer vacation of her adult life. She dreams of beaches and palm trees, but Jackson has a different idea: a security convention in Florida. He wants to take her family with them too, and drive there—in an RV.

Still, it’s a chance to see her grandparents, and the drive down the east coast with an excitable four-year-old isn’t that bad. It could be a great journey even, if someone didn’t constantly try to break into their RV.

But the vacation takes a dark turn when an ecological disaster destroys the pond behind her grandparents’ house. A nearby oil refinery is being blamed, but Tracy smells something foul—and not because of all the dead fish. When a vocal opponent of the refinery is found dead, it’s time for Tracy and Jackson to investigate.

Matters aren’t at all what they seem, but one thing is clear: Tracy and Jackson will need a vacation to recover from their vacation.

Interested? Read the first two chapters here. The book comes out on October 22.


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