Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
Apprentice P.I.


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Tracy Hayes, Apprentice P.I.

Waitress extraordinaire turned P.I. What could possibly go wrong?

“What should I do with you?” I cooed at the poor dog. He was listless after his bout of vomiting, but he licked my arm to show that he sympathized with my predicament, only he was just a little dog and had no idea either.

When Tracy Hayes, Brooklyn waitress extraordinaire (only a slight exaggeration) loses her job—again—she doesn’t despair. She can’t afford to or she’ll lose her apartment. Instead, she takes the first job that she comes across. She becomes an apprentice to an enigmatic P.I.

Her first case should be easy: locate the owner of a dog she’s found. But things are never as simple as they seem, and she’s soon ankles deep in criminals, FTAs, and cheating spouses—her ex-husband included. And that’s on top of a new roommate, who may or may not be a hacker, and a family that likes to meddle with her life.

A weaker woman would give up, but Brooklyn waitresses are made of sterner stuff. A good thing too, because Tracy will need every ounce of her strength and ingenuity to pull herself out of the mess she finds herself in.

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