Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
The Perfect Hoax


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The Perfect Hoax. The Reed Files Book Two.

The second most important rule of leaving the life of crime: don’t get attached.

Eliot Reed has one plan: he’ll go after Salvatore Bosco, the crime lord who tried to kill him in Monaco. Then he’ll ditch his current identity and disappear. His bags are already packed, and Macao sounds like a good destination. But when he learns that Ada has gone missing, he doesn’t hesitate to change his plans. He needs to find her first.

Ada Reed knows exactly where she is: held captive by her so called late husband she’s tried to find ever since he faked his death. Danny is blackmailing Ada into robbing a bank with him. When Eliot shows up, there’s only one choice for him: becoming a criminal again to get her out of the bad situation.

But it turns out Danny isn’t working for himself. Eliot and Ada find themselves in the middle of a deeply personal mafia feud. One of the players is Salvatore Bosco—and suddenly it’s personal for Eliot too.

From Rome to Venice and Milan, the pair tries to keep one step ahead of very dangerous players. If they want to escape with their lives, they’ll have to deliver the perfect hoax.

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