At her boss's command

A sample from the first chapter here.

Which way to love? News agency love affairs.

The first chapter here.

It Happened on a Lie

The first chapter here.

Holiday. A short story.

A small exercise in form here.

The Funeral. A short story.

A story that doesn't have place elsewhere here.


The Wolf's call. The two-natured London 1.

A sample from the chapter four here.

The Warrior's heart. The two-natured London 2.

A sample from the chapter one here.

A wolf of her own. The two-natured London 3.

Chapter Two here.

Her Warrior for Eternity. The two-natured London 4.

A sample from chapter three here.

The Croaking Raven. Harper George, crisis negotiator.

The first two chapters of a contemporary suspense thriller here.

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